Easy Peasy Juicing Tips – 30 Day Challenge Day 9

Easy Peasy Juicing Tips ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters

Easy Peasy Juicing Tips ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters
Weekend time! For us today that meant more yard work. We live on an acre of land so there is always something that needs to be done. Right now we are doing our spring cleaning and getting wood chips put around everything to keep the weeds down. It’s always nice to have a fast, easy and nutritious meals on hand on days like this. One of our favorite go-to meals is veggie juice!


The way we found out about juicing was from the show Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Joe Cross is amazing and we highly recommend checking out his site!  We love the way we feel when we juice and have found some helpful tips along the way!

1. A peeled lime or lemon tastes amazing especially if you aren’t used to juicing yet. It helps hide the taste
2. The plastic tubs of spinach are your friend! They make it much easier because it’s pre-washed and ready to go
3. Adding pineapple or a peeled orange is delicious
4. Cilantro and parsley not only help with the taste but they are very good for you
5. Beets help to sweeten but don’t use too many or they are overpowering
6. We like to always use carrots and apples as our base and then just add whatever other veggies and fruit we have


Here’s our daily meal report! Still keeping true to our plant based diet!

A smoothie and English muffins for breakfast today. Just gotta love the good greens in our smoothies! You can’t even tell they are there it tastes so good.

Left over soup for lunch today. Let’s hear it for left overs when you are in a hurry! …Or even when you aren’t 😉

We had a nice big green salad for dinner with all the fixings. Yummy! You can read our list of 85 Salad Fixin’s for some great ideas. It’s hard to have a boring salad with that many options!

We won’t be posting tomorrow because it’s Sunday. Check back with us on Monday! Give juicing a try if you haven’t yet and let us know what you think! If you have juiced let us know what some of your favorite ingredients are! We like new ideas to try 🙂

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