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Meet our Team

We are a family team, working closely to bring you the very best content. You will probably interact with us all at different times. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we have helped others in some way, so don’t be afraid to leave us a comment and tell us how we’re doing!

About Easy Peasy Life Matters healthy and wellness website


The mom and driving force behind our site. She is the main recipe developer. Having spent years and years creating recipes for her family, it only made sense to start sharing those mouthwatering dishes with others. Kathy is also a Certified Health Coach and a Certified Family Herbalist.


Anita is the oldest in our family and the brunette in our picture. She is pretty much a Pinterest ninja! If you connect with us there, she is the one you will be interacting with. She also takes good care of Twitter. Anita is our assistant recipe creator and is currently working towards her Yoga Instructor Certification and as well as her Aromatherapy and Stress Relief Certifications.


The blonde in the picture and our writer. Everything you read on Easy Peasy Life Matters is written by her. She also creates all our images and pictures and does our web design. Melannie is working towards her Health Coach Certification, Life Coach Certification and Workout Design Certification. When you connect with us on Facebook and Instagram she is the one you are interacting with. She loves comments so don’t forget to say “Hi!”


The only man of the bunch, and our administrator of Information Technology. He helps with all the background work to keep our site running smoothly. Everything from website design and SEO to social media strategies and affiliate marketing, Mitch covers it all.

If this is your first time visiting us, we are so glad to have you! Sharing our knowledge with others is what we love to do. We’d love to connect through Email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram so we can keep sharing with you.

Thanks so much again for dropping by and have a blessed and healthy day!