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  • The Cheapest Massage Ever!

    The Cheapest Massage Ever. Great for a Mothers Day gift! Very relaxing

      We have a friend who is an avid athlete. He participates in Ragnar and has run the Boston marathon. Quite naturally he gets sore muscles from time to time and needs a way to relax them. His chiropractor told him about a fantastic and cheap (though unusual) way to do this.   A car […]

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  • Relaxing Foot or Bath Soak

    Relaxing Foot or Bath Soak ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters

      Let’s face it… Everyone needs a little TLC now and then! We love to look for little things that help in a big way. This Relaxing Foot or Bath Soak is totally one of the best we have tried! We have found that the Epsom salt helps us relax, de-stress and fall asleep better […]