3 Easy DIY Photo or Quote Frames

3 Easy DIY Photo or Quote Frames. Also great for notes, weekly schedules, meal menus and more!

3 Easy DIY Photo or Quote Frames. Also great for notes, weekly schedules, meal menus and more!

A couple of weeks ago we got a bee in our bonnet and made a whole bunch of cute frames. We had a lesson to teach in church and needed a way to display some quotes. Afterwards we realized that they would be perfect for family pictures too! We made them almost completely out of supplies we had hanging around the house. They are easy and look adorable!

Some of the other uses we thought of for them are shopping lists, message boards, notes, love notes, sticky notes, weekly schedules and meal menus. So many fun options!

Easy DIY Chicken Wire Frame ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters


#1: Chicken Wire Frame

This frame is so easy and quick it takes no time at all to make.

What you need:

picture frame

couple of feet of chicken wire

staple gun


small clothes pins

Take your frame, remove the glass and rough it up with some sandpaper giving it a shabby chic feel. Spread out chicken wire and lay the frame on top. Cut chicken wire to size. Staple the chicken wire onto the back of the frame. Cut felt into strips and glue over the chicken wire on the back so it won’t scratch walls. Attach pictures or quotes with small clothes pins.

Easy DIY Modge Podge Fairytale Frame ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters

#2: Fairytale Modge Podge

We went to a thrift store and found an old book of fairytales. We lucked out because this one had gorgeous illustrations! They really add a fun dimension to the frame.

What you need:

any size of wooden board (this can be any kind of wood you happen to have laying around)

an old book

ribbon and fabric flowers

1 clip

Gently tear some pages out of the book. Modge Podge them to the board. They can be really neat or a little sloppy and overlapping. Using a hot glue gun attach the ribbon, fabric flowers and clip.

Easy DIY Cupboard Door Frame ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters

#3: Cupboard Door Frame

A couple of years ago a good friend gave us some old cupboard doors. We didn’t know what to do with them yet so they’ve been sitting in our basement (sound familiar to anyone? Haha). We found them again and decided they needed to become frame #3. It was a good decision because it turned out very cute!

What you need:

a cupboard door (or any piece of wood)

black paint (we use spray paint for this part because it’s quicker)

chalk paint (you can use any paint the chalk paint just helps make it shabby chic)

1 clip

desired embellishments (we used buttons and fabric bows)

Paint the door black and let dry needed time. Paint with chalk paint and let dry. Take some sandpaper and rough up the edges to make it look shabby. With a hot glue gun attach desired embellishments and clip.

These frames are all so easy and incredibly cute! We would love to see how yours turn out! If you post them on Facebook let us know so we can see 🙂

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