Christmas in July – How to have a stress free December

Christmas in July. How to have a stress free December!

Christmas in July. How to have a stress free December!

Don’t know about you but we don’t want a stressful December! Christmas is a time for baking cookies and spending time with your family… Well that’s what we all want it to be anyway. We got really tired of rushing here and there, getting all upset and feeling anything but joyful. So last year we came up with a plan. We call it Christmas in July!

We figured out that if we sit down in July and make a list of everyone we will be giving gifts to (friends, neighbors, relatives) and then make a list of what we would like to give them (as much as we can so early) it takes a huge load off our minds. When you already have plans of what you want to give you are that much ahead of the game.

We really like to add a homemade touch when we give gifts. It can be a real blessing to the budget and it feels more personable. Where we live the weather is cold and not agreeable for DIY projects that require anything like cutting wood on a outdoor saw, painting (we spray paint everything), Modge Podgeing large projects, etc. We have learned that if we do these types of projects right now we can start making those more personable projects without the head ache and frustration later on.

Another great benefit is that it helps save some financial stress by spreading it out over a few months rather than just taking the hit all at once.

Throughout the rest of the month we will be posting some ideas that you can do right now to make December a relaxing month for family and friends. Some ideas we have already posted are our 3 Easy DIY Photo or Quote Frames, or you can start pray painting some pails to use for a Healthy Chocolate Lover’s Gift.

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What do you like to do to get ready for Christmas? Did we miss anything?

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  1. Joanne says: Reply

    The.Boy and I really should try this. We are always waiting until the last minute and then running around like crazy come December!

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