DIY Holiday Pillowcases (for those who don’t sew)

DIY Holiday Pillowcases (for those who don't sew). Cute gift idea!

DIY Holiday Pillowcases (for those who don't sew). Cute gift idea!

Ever since we were kids we have looked forward to December every year so we could break out the Christmas pillowcases. As kids they were something fun to look forward to and it was comforting to lay your head down on something mom made. After a while we decided to make some for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Then we decided to have some throughout the year! Even though we are grown now we still look forward to fun and playful pillowcases with our favorite holidays.

A while ago we started giving pillowcases away for Christmas to our family and friends. The feedback we have gotten is great! One family even said they fight over who gets what pillowcase.

Since we have a Christmas in July theme this month we decided to add this one in.

If you give a pillowcase for each month it’s the gift that just keeps giving as they pull a new one out for each holiday. This would be fun for newlyweds, grandkids, tweens etc. You can even tailor make a few just for fun (hello Ninja Turtles!).

We are not seamstresses by any means! So basically if we can make these anyone can. Now that we have made so many we can almost do it in our sleep.

What you need:

1 yard fabric

matching thread

Fold over the longest part of your fabric (the part that measures 36 inches) about ¼ – ½ inch and press it. (This will give it a more polished look and help even out the fabric because we never seem to buy it straight Haha).


Now sew along the folded edge.


Next fold over again in the same spot another 2-3 inches and press. Sew along the inside edge.


Put right sides of fabric together and sew down the side and bottom. Done!


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  1. Shelly says: Reply

    What a great idea! I know I’ve made custom pillowcases before, but one for each month is such a great idea. I love how easy these are too.

    1. Easy Peasy Life Matters Easy Peasy Life Matters says: Reply

      That’s what we love about them too! Easy and inexpensive are our favorite. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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