The Ultimate Family Friendly Chick Flick List

Easy Peasy Pantry - The Ultimate Family Friendly Chick Flick List


Family friendly shows are our favorites! We want everyone to be able to watch and feel comfortable. If that is up your alley you are going to love this list! We will give fair warning that some of them we have only seen with a filter to clean them up a little (if you haven’t tried Clearplay you should for sure check it out!). If we’ve seen them edited we will mark them (***). We hope you enjoy these movies as much as we do!

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Period Romances


Wives and Daughters

North and South

Pride and Prejudice

Emma (1996)

Emma (2010)

Sense and Sensibility


Mansfield Park

Jane Eyre

Cranford #2

We have watched both #1 and #2. We only liked the second one LoL



Black and White Classics


Shop Around the Corner


Easy Living

Thirty Day Princess

Hilarious Girl Movies


You Again

After all these Years

Mom’s Night Out

Good Feeling, Mushy Flicks


Sabrina ***

All of my Heart

Runaway Bride ***

Leap Year ***

The Beautiful Beast

Lucky in Love

How to Fall in Love

Penelope ***

Coyote County Loser

Ever After ***

Scents and Sensibility

The Inheritance***

Letters to Juliet***