Hot Pepper Organic Bug Control

Hot Pepper Organic Bug Control. Perfect option for tender plants!


Hot Pepper Organic Bug Control. Perfect option for tender plants!

When your plants are little and tender they are much more vulnerable to bugs. Insects can completely demolish them in no time! If you spray them with bug killers that are too strong for the gentle plants (even if they are organic) you won’t have bug problems anymore but your plants probably won’t make it either. Thankfully we have an all organic solution that is much more gentle.

All you do is take some of the hottest cayenne pepper you can buy and sprinkle it around the base of your plants. The bugs certainly don’t want to come around anymore! The hot pepper still works when it gets wet so no need to worry about that either!

If you happen to have a large harvest of hot peppers this year you might want to dehydrate them and grind them up using a Vitamix, Blendtech or herb grinder, to use next year as your hot pepper powder. We recommend this dehydrator. It’s entirely made of stainless steel which makes for easy clean up. Be sure to store powder in a mason jar. How’s that for self reliant? 😉

You might even want to try spreading some in other areas such as around the outside perimeter of the house to help deter spiders.

Give the hot pepper trick a try and let us know how it works for you. 🙂

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