30 Day Challenge – Conclusion

Word of Wisdom 30 Day Health Challenge Conclusion ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters

Word of Wisdom 30 Day Health Challenge Conclusion ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters


This is it! We have reached the end of our Word of Wisdom 30 Day Health Challenge. We wanted to tell you about our experience. 🙂

Here are some of the improvements we have noticed:

1.We don’t eat as much anymore. Seriously, we don’t want as large portions.
2. We feel satisfied after we eat. You know that feeling like you just need a little bit more? It’s gone!
3. No need for snacks. All desire for them is gone.
4. Sugar and Chocolate cravings gone (this one deserves a gold star)
5. We have tons more energy! Last year we just felt sluggish and slow. We had a really hard time getting anything   done. Now we are surprising ourselves by how much we can do and how good we feel!
6. Our moods are happier. Mood swings are getting less and less.
7. We are more relaxed more of the time!
8. Stomach bloating has gone down a ton!
9. Our pants fit more loosely. Who can be upset by that right?
10. Our digestive systems work tons better. We used to have stomach pain but we feel great.
11. Acne and skin is clearing up. Fantastic!


As we mentioned in our Introduction we have tried all kinds of fad diets. Right before we decided to try our 30 day challenge we were eating tons of dairy and meat with a tiny bit of veggies thrown in. We didn’t feel good! Now we still love meat and diary and will continue to eat it in small portions from time to time but we have found that we don’t really want it much and don’t really need it! We feel fantastic!

There were days when we were super busy and our diet wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be. However through trial and error we found some solutions. For instance, when we started we wanted to make sure we had a salad everyday. We soon found out that we were getting bored of them really fast! So we sat down and made a list of all the yummy and healthy things we can add to give lots of fun variety. (Update: You can now see our list of 85 Salad Fixin’s!)

Adding beans into our diet helped our digestive systems feel fantastic! Let’s face it there are mixed opinions about beans and we totally see why. However we found that when we used certain beans adzuki etc. they didn’t effect us and we felt fantastic! Chef Brad says that these beans are easier to digest and over time your body will adjust.

We found the grains to be invaluable! We were surprised by how they made us feel! Whenever we had some form of grain our energy was high, our digestive systems were happy and we felt fantastic. Both the beans and the grains helped a ton with bloating as well.

A plant based diet is totally the way we are going to stay from now on! We love how we are feeling and will continue to keep you posted on improvements. We will start posting 3 times a week now instead of everyday. We have a whole bunch of fun posts planed so make sure you subscribe! We would love to be social with you too! Check us out on social media 🙂

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  1. Celinda says: Reply

    just looked you up on instagram. Wow BEAUTIFUL pictures! You make me hungry for good food. I’m going to be your biggest fan. Thanks for sharing

    1. Easy Peasy Life Matters Easy Peasy Life Matters says: Reply

      Oh thanks! You are so sweet 🙂 We are having fun sharing with everyone!

  2. Joanne says: Reply

    That is AWESOME!!! You know I’m a big proponent of a plant-based diet (though it’s definitely not for anyone, and I would never push it on anyway) and I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling so great!

    1. Easy Peasy Life Matters Easy Peasy Life Matters says: Reply

      Thank you! We are really excited to have had success and are continuing to see good things! We are loving a plant based diet 🙂

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