30 Day Challenge Introduction

Our 30 day journey of eating mostly plant based and following the "do's" in the Word of Wisdom ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters

Our 30 day journey of eating mostly plant based and following the "do's" in the Word of Wisdom ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters


We are a mother and two daughter team. Our mission is to improve our health and feel and look amazing (with hopefully some helpful ideas for others along the way)!
Because of various health issues we have tried many fad diets and jumped around from thing to thing. Vegetarian, no animal products, back to animal products, no wheat, no grains, trust us we have flipped and flopped all over the place! In this struggle to find the best way for our family to eat we have become confused by all the voices that surround us. It seems that every time we turn on the TV, surf the Internet or walk into a book store we are informed about some new thing we should or shouldn’t be eating.

We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as The Mormon’s) and one of our scriptures, Doctrine and Covenants Section:89, is called The Word Of Wisdom. This section lays out our laws of health. This scripture tells us the things we should avoid and those foods that should be eaten in abundance. We have always followed the “Don’ts” in The Word Of Wisdom but we are starting to realize that maybe we could follow the “Dos” a little better. Our plan is to start looking more closely at the “Dos” and to finally find, understand and apply a healthy diet based on scripture. Our plan is to make the “Dos” our focus and to eat them in abundance. We will be sharing recipes, tips, ideas and thoughts along the way! We are certainly not experts but we believe that health is something everyone can and should enjoy.

Our Game Plan:
Our plan is for 30 days to eat mainly whole plant based foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds). We will be limiting our sugar intake to almost none (yikes!). Also we will be more consistent with our exercising. We will be reporting here everyday (except Sunday) to let you know how well we did! This is to keep us accountable so we can’t cheat. 😉

Word of Wisdom 30 Health Challenge ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters
We are excited to start this new journey and hopefully improve our health and feel and look fantastic! We invite you to subscribe and come along with us on this journey!

Update! You can now read our Conclusion HERE! We had some really awesome results 🙂

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