Top 10 Benefits of Whole Wheat

Top 10 Benefits of Whole Wheat - #RealFood #CleanEating #Healthy #WholeGrains

Top 10 Benefits of Whole Wheat - #RealFood #CleanEating #Healthy #WholeGrains

Welcome back friends! We are so excited you are here 🙂 Last Wednesday we talked about What Happened When we Went Gluten Free and Why we Now Love Whole Wheat. We had such a good response and such good feedback that we wanted to follow up with our favorite Top 10 Benefits of Whole Wheat!

Before we get started we want to be clear that the type of wheat is really, really important. Eating highly processed “whole wheat” breads, pastas and cereals isn’t good at all. However, pure wheat (preferably organic) in it’s unrefined form is very, very, VERY healthy! Now, let’s check out how!

1. Whole Wheat Contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals Such As:




B vitamins




2. Weight Control, Especially for Women

This has to do with the high fiber content. Fiber aids the digestive tract by keeping things clear as well as helping us stay satisfied longer. When eating foods high in fiber we also become full sooner and don’t feel the need to overeat or snack as often. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who eat whole grains tend to weigh less and are not as likely to gain weight. This certainly has been our experience as well! (Source)

3. Digestive Health

This is where that good, ol’ fiber comes into play again! It keeps everything clear and happy. This helps against constipation, flatulence, and stomach pain. (Source)

4. Mental Health

A study by the University of Maryland suggests that vitamins B and E can be beneficial in warding off mental health issues like Alzheimer’s. With this being such a common problem today adding in more whole wheat sounds like a great plan! (Source)

5. Helps with Blood Sugar

Fiber to the rescue once again! It’s really incredible what it can do for us. Fiber moves through our digestive systems slower than most foods causing us to feel full longer. This help blood sugar levels stay steady longer. (Source)

6. Risk of Type 2 Diabetes is Greatly Lowered

The magnesium content in whole wheat assists our bodies use of insulin and glucose secretion. This is because magnesium acts as a co-factor for over 300 enzymes! Whole wheat also aids in keeping blood sugar levels steady as mentioned above. (Source)

7. Reduces Chronic Inflammation in the Body

Whole wheat contains betaine. Betaine lowers chronic inflammation. Inflammation can be the cause of a host of chronic health problems such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and cognitive decline. (Source)

8. Protection Against Cancer

There is a very important component in whole wheat that helps protect against breast cancer. Fiber! Starting to see a bit of a pattern? 😉 Studies show that consuming wheat can reduce the risk of breast cancer 41% more than other kinds of fiber in pre-menopausal woman! Fiber has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer. (Source)

9. Heart Health

Eating whole grains has been shown to reduce the risk of both high blood pressure and heart attacks. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported in 2004 that men who included three servings of whole grains in their daily diet had a lower risk of coronary heart disease! Eating grains is such a delicious way to keep your heart healthy. (Source)

10. B Vitamins

B vitamins (one of which is folate) have a host of health benefits! Some of which are helping our bodies form new cells, helping prevent certain birth defects and aiding biological functions. (Source)

As you can see there are many wonderful benefits to whole wheat! As we mentioned in What Happened When we Went Gluten Free and Real Food for Real People, we have learned over the years that a healthy lifestyle consists of eating whole, pure, foods in their natural and unrefined state. Being healthy does not require painful diets, harsh restrictions, and long-term disappointments.

If you are looking for some delicious recipes with whole wheat you will love our Orange Wheat Berry Fruit Salad, Do Everything Dough, Healthy Chocolate Zucchini Bread, and Chocolate Sugar cookies!

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How do you like to eat whole grains?

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