What Happened When We Went Gluten Free – And Why We Now Love Wheat

What Happened When We Went Gluten Free - And why we now love whole wheat! #WholeWheat #GlutenFree #Healthy #RealFood #CleanEating

What Happened When We Went Gluten Free - And why we now love whole wheat! #WholeWheat #GlutenFree #Healthy #RealFood #CleanEating

Have you noticed that the Gluten Free subject seems to be everywhere you turn? The internet and media are full of claims for and against it and everything from pizza crust to peanut butter is making a move towards freeing itself from gluten. This publicity leaves many people wondering if Gluten Free really is better if a healthy diet has no grains and if maybe this is the answer to their health concerns. Is a Gluten Free diet a healthier lifestyle or is it a big myth?? We are so glad you asked!

It is true that some people (such as those with Celiac Disease) should stay away from gluten. However, whole grains, in general, are very, very good for you. Wheat especially has beautiful, healthy benefits that we shouldn’t miss out on. Perhaps the best way to explain is by telling you about our history with eating Gluten Free.

Several years ago we heard all of the concerns expressed over Gluten Free and were advised by many people that all of our health concerns were stemming from our consumption of wheat. Consequently, we stopped eating any grains and went strictly to soaked grains on the rare occasions when we did eat some.

We felt okay for a while without really noticing much of a change but we decided to wait patiently knowing that healing takes time. Oh were we in for a surprise! The negative effects of this lifestyle were on their way. All of a sudden, we lost all of our energy. We could barely drag ourselves through the day. We started to gain weight. Lots. VERY quickly. We never felt satisfied and therefore ate constantly without ever feeling full. Basically, we were miserable and couldn’t figure out why this “healthy diet” wasn’t helping us reach any of our health goals. In fact, we felt much worse than we ever had!

This is when, after pondering and prayer, we decided to take on our Word of Wisdom 30 Day Health Challenge. One of the best decisions we ever made! Instead of focusing on protein and no gluten, like we had been told, we started eating lots more veggies and lots of wonderful whole grains. Our whole wheat bread was back and it had never tasted so good! It was really wonderful to see how quickly we started to feel and see a difference. We’ve been back to eating whole wheat for over a year now and have never regretted it for a minute. As strange as it may sound we are almost thankful we went Gluten Free for awhile. We are now even more convinced (as we mentioned in Real Food for Real People) that a healthy diet is about eating pure and unrefined ingredients rather than taking foods away.

Since this experience, we have taken the time to really study the benefits of whole wheat. Here are some of our findings: Whole wheat is full of fiber which is why we started feeling full and satisfied again. It’s also why we started to get our energy back! Other benefits of whole grains are that they contain B vitamins (which are essential for healthy hormones), iron and magnesium (source).

Whole Grains also contribute to keeping a healthy weight, lowering risk of type 2 diabetes, lessening inflammation, preventing gallstones and much, much more (source)!

In conclusion, we hope that our experience with Gluten Free helps you and your family! We would hate to see anyone go through what we did. Remember to keep your grains as pure as possible. Toxic wheat or highly refined grains have no nutrition. Organic is always best when possible. We have been using Wheat Montana for more years than we can remember and have never had an issue.

If you are on the lookout for healthy whole wheat recipes you will love our Easy Peasy Quick Rolls, Do Everything Dough and Un-Sour Sourdough Bread.

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  2. There is so much I would like to say about this subject. As a Celiac, I know all to well the devil of gluten in any shape or form. Corn is a nasty bugger too. Casein… death to it all is what I think.

    Why would anyone want to willingly eat the way I have to is beyond me! That is not living. It is truly self punishment.

    I have had friends cut out dairy and gluten only to go back to eating it and find they are in so much pain their mouths are watering from it. They’ve now become intolerant to the very things they love so much. It’s just like when vegans or vegetarians try to eat meat again after not having it for months or years.

    The only joy I get from people I care about being in severe pain or sick, is that they finally understand my absolute fear that can come across as rude, but is really panic, whenever I eat something I did not make myself. I’m forever saying, “I’m so sorry. I really don’t mean to be rude or be angry sounding. I’m not upset with you. This is straight up fear and I’m so sorry for it coming out wrong.” I’m starving and hungry. That makes me “hangry” and I’m scared to eat. LOL

    I went out to eat for my birthday for the first time in an entire year….. I got lucky and didn’t get glutened. It was really nice to enjoy fine dining without getting sick for weeks on end.

    Anyway, unless a food elimination has been done because of GI issues and it’s known that gluten is a culprit, don’t completely cut it out. One thing you may want to look into is GMO wheat. That might be a great follow up post for you to share with eager readers. The reason why is that so much of the wheat consumed today is not the same wheat our grandparents ate growing up. There is a whole bunch of information that talks about all the crappy crap in the GMO grains and the potential for it being why it is making people intolerant. Intolerance can be every bit as miserable as being a Celiac. It’s not just a little bloating or a few cramps. I won’t gross ya’ll out. Just trust me.

    I really loved this post. Ya’ll enjoy your breads. Go grab a fresh loaf of Pugliese bread, lather it up in delicious full fat butter and maybe melt a creamy smoked Gouda all over that bad boy and enjoy it. 🙂 That used to be my favorite bread in the whole world. If I could have one whole day and eat anything I wanted it would be a Wendys Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the BBQ chicken wrap at Red Robin with Red Robin Seasoning all over my delicious steak fries and Cajun mushrooms stuffed with scallops topped with heaps of butter and Bearnaise sauce from a local place here in Alaska called Double Muskee.

    Thank you for sharing this with us at Thursday Favorite Things. It was really a great post. I hope I gave you an idea or two to think about for another post. You are welcome to message me if you ever want some input about all this gluten stuff.


    1. Easy Peasy Life Matters Easy Peasy Life Matters says: Reply

      Thank you so much for your comment! You really have given us some wonderful ideas for follow up posts! I’ll be looking into the GMO wheat and conditioned allergies for sure. I never even thought about it that way. I am so sorry that you have to go through that 🙁 We experience the same panic when eating out because of our allergies to MSG and artificial colors. Not fun. Thank you so much for stopping by! It was great to get your insight 🙂

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  9. Great post! Personally, I don’t eat gluten because of IBS, but I love the honesty and experimentation of this post. You’ve gotta do what’s best for YOU!!

    1. Easy Peasy Life Matters Easy Peasy Life Matters says: Reply

      Thank you! It’s very true, you do have to do what works best for you personally 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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