Mexican Corn Dip

Mexican Corn Dip. Perfect for parties! Not too rich but super tasty

Mexican Corn Dip. Perfect for parties! Not too rich but super tasty


Happy Cinco De Mayo! In honor of the special day we whipped up this fantastic dip. Mexican food is a staple at our house. We like to add grains to as many dishes as we can to incorporate the nutrition. Adding the rice brings a whole new level of flavor and texture. Give it a try! We think it is a perfect combination. Not too rich, nice and filling.

Mexican Corn Dip

Remember to keep your ingredients organic for optimum nutrition!



Sauté onions, garlic and pepper until browned. Turn heat to low and add remaining ingredients except garnish. Cover and cook until cheese softens. Transfer to a serving dish, garnish and serve warm with corn chips or pita chips.

Other variations are to use as filling for a quesadilla or as a topping for taco salad.

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What are your favorite Cinco De Mayo traditions? Any other Mexican food lovers?

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