7 Healthy Last Minute Labor Day Ideas

7 Healthy Last Minute Labor Day Ideas - #Cleaneating #Picnic

7 Healthy Last Minute Labor Day Ideas - #Cleaneating #Picnic

Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope you are having a fun and relaxing holiday.

Labor Day is often filled with picnics, barbecues and lots of yummy snacks. With this in mind we’ve compiled a list of last minute, healthy dishes that go great with any party!

Meatless Sloppy Joes makes a fantastic main dish that is full of flavor and packed with healthy ingredients.

Meatless Sloppy Joes are a great way to keep it healthy at the barbecue

Best Boston Baked Beans are the perfect sweet and savory side.

Best Boston Baked Beans ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters

Classic Grilled Zucchini is the best barbecued veggie on the planet!

Classic Grilled Zucchini - Perfect for healthy picnics!

Mexican Corn Dip has a fun kick and goes great with chips.

Mexican Corn Dip. Perfect for parties! Not too rich but super tasty

Chickpea Feta Salad and Perfect Protein Veggie Salad are exactly what you need to keep the party healthy.

Chickpea Feta Salad - With a good explanation of why we need beans and probiotics! #cleaneating

Perfect Protein Veggie Salad. Perfect for the 4th of July! Tasty and filled with healthy ingredients

A Raspberry Peach Crisp is nice and refreshing while playing in the sun.

Raspberry Peach Crisp with Homemade Ice Cream - Super yummy way to use up fresh peaches! #cleaneating #Healthytreat

We hope this list makes your Holiday even more relaxing! Have a great one!

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  1. Oooh, these all look fabulous! We don’t have Labour Day here in Australia but these are great for any weekend occasion!

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