Perfect Spinach Patties

Perfect Spinach Patties. Both vegan and vegetarian these are perfect for any meatless picnic!

Perfect Spinach Patties. Both vegan and vegetarian these are perfect for any meatless picnic!

While experimenting in the kitchen we created these fantastic spinach patties. Experiments don’t always work out but this one totally paid off! They are both vegan and vegetarian with flavor that is mouthwatering. They work great for picnics and meatless barbecues.

Not only do they taste wonderful but they are packed with good healthy ingredients.

The spinach and celery are your green vegetables of course, then you have millet and beans which together make a perfect protein and are your fiber, mushrooms have been said to reduce cancer, onions and garlic are used to boost the immune system, pumpkin seeds are a source of magnesium and zinc, sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins E, B-1 and copper. Talk about a guilt free burger right? 😉

Perfect Spinach Patties



Combine all ingredients except the millet and half of the beans in a food processor. We like chunks of beans in our patties. If you don’t go ahead and add all the beans. Process until smooth. You may have to do it in several shifts so you don’t overload your processor. Pour mixture into a separate bowl and stir in millet and remaining beans if needed. Shape into patties and place on a greased cookie sheet. We use avocado oil for this. Broil on low until lightly browned on both sides. Serve as a vegetarian or vegan “meat” patty!

We really like to use an enamel pan like this one. It makes them nice and crispy without burning them. We use one  almost on a daily basis!

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How do you like to eat spinach? Comment and tell us about it! We love to hear new ideas 🙂

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  1. I never would have guessed the ingredients to make this! I’m impressed that it holds together so well 🙂

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