A Quick Trick to Make Eating Healthy Easier

A Quick Trick to Make Eating Healthy Easier. When healthy food is easily accessible you grab it first!

A Quick Trick to Make Eating Healthy Easier. When healthy food is easily accessible you grab it first!

One of the biggest concerns people have with eating healthy is that they think it takes too much time. The truth is that everything takes time to learn when you first start out. However we have found over the years that there are tricks and tips that make it much more quick and easy! We have a special one to share with you today.

When you are hungry and in a rush you tend to grab whatever you can find fast. The end. That’s what we all do! The trick is to have healthy food on hand and easy to just grab and go. One way we like to do this is after we come home from grocery shopping and have an extra minute we pull out the produce. We clean it and cut it up and place it in Mason jars. Done! We like to use wide mouth quarts and pints for this. If you have a lot of veggies, a wide mouth half gallon jar works great.

Now if we have a crazy day that just gets away from us and we are scrambling for a meal the first thing we see is ready to eat vegetables. This now becomes your first choice. You can pull the veggies out and eat them raw as a veggie tray, you can steam them up quickly, you can roast them with garlic, pile them on a Roasted Veggie Quesadilla or Fajita or throw them on top of a fresh yummy salad. The veggies stay fresh longer so it’s a win win situation!

Another helpful tip we have found is to keep some cooked grains and beans on hand.

Any kind will do, we like black beans, pinto, kidney or chickpeas best. We also love to keep quinoa, millet, barley or rice cooked and in the refrigerator.

This makes it super easy to whip up some fast salads like our Little Bit of Everything Chickpea Salad, our Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad or our Kamut and Fruit Salad. When healthy ingredients are all ready a bag of potato chips isn’t even a temptation! Another bonus is that together grains and beans make a perfect protein! If you have a pressure cooker they are even quicker to make and keep ready. We love our Instant Pot for this.

If you like veggie trays it’s great to have some ranch dressing ready as well. Check out our Dairy Free Ranch Dip and our Easy Peasy Ranch. Both are a wonderful addition to a veggie tray.

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