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Orange Wheat Berry Fruit Salad – A light and healthy salad packed with good grains for extra protein and energy!

Fruit salads are simply perfect for spring and summer! They are light, refreshing, tasty, quick and easy. No wonder we are in a fruit salad kind of mood!

As we mentioned in our Minty Kaniwa Fruit Salad, adding grains is a wonderful way to add protein and fiber to fruit. This will help you stay full longer and give more energy. In our post What Happened When We Went Gluten Free we mentioned some of the amazing benefits of whole wheat. Naturally we want to get those good benefits whenever we can! Adding wheat berries to a salad is a great way to do just that.

Another fun aspect of this salad is the flax seed oil. Flax seed is one of the best plant based ways to get good Omega-3’s. We know that we aren’t getting enough of those right now so we decided to add it into this delicious salad. If you don’t like the taste of flax seed oil you may want to add less at first or leave it off all together. Even using just orange juice concentrate is delicious!

Add a quick Egg in the Hole, an Applesauce Muffin or some Clean Eating German Pancakes and you are ready for a happy and healthy day!


2 Tbs. Orange juice concentrate
1-2 Tbs. Flax seed oil (optional)
1 cup cooked wheat berries
8-10 cups fresh fruit.

We like:



Whisk orange juice and flax seed oil together. Chop fruit and gently fold in the dressing and wheat berries.

If you are craving light and easy fruit salads you will love our Fruit and Kamut Salad, Gingered Fruit Salad and our Party Fruit Bar. Yum!

What are your favorite kinds of fruit?

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