Perfect Protein Veggie Salad

Perfect Protein Veggie Salad - A complete meal in a bowl! #Timesaver #CleanEating #Healthy

Perfect Protein Veggie Salad - A complete meal in a bowl! #Timesaver #CleanEating #Healthy #OneDishMeal

The 4th of July always makes us think of yummy summer salads. We just can’t get enough of them!

When you put beans and grains together it becomes a perfect protein! Then when you add all kinds of veggies in you have a really healthy salad. Great for all kinds of fun in the sun!

If you like you can use all one grain instead of three however we really think the combination adds great flavor and texture.

Chef Brad is our very favorite Chef! This is our version of one of his recipes. We added lot’s of veggies. Check out his cookbooks on Amazon or follow him on Facebook. His recipes are to die for!!!

Perfect Protein Veggie Salad


For Salad:

For Dressing:


In a large bowl combine all salad ingredients. Add all dressing ingredients to a mason jar and shake well. Pour dressing over salad ingredients and gently stir to combine.

If you like you can top with some avocado. We wouldn’t suggest mixing it into the salad though because it will go brown fairly quickly. The flavors taste even better if you let it chill overnight however it tastes amazing right away too!

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For a healthy desert we have Nutty Sorbet, Coconut Cacao Bars and Caramel Chia Seed Pudding.

Have some friends who like healthy salads? Don’t forget to share! This recipe is both vegan and vegetarian!

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