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  • Cauliflower “Hot Wings”

    Cauliflower "Hot Wings" - You are in for a real treat. There is so much amazing flavor and texture that you can't even tell from the taste that it's cauliflower. Perfect for picky eaters! #FactsNotFads #Vegetarian

      Cauliflower. It’s everyone’s darling these days! It’s easy to see why too. It’s a beautiful vegetable, it has wonderful sweetness and texture AND it’s very healthy. We’ve been experimenting with vegetable recipes lately. We’re shaking things up a bit and trying different variations. Today we want to share our Cauliflower “Hot Wings.” Oh-My-Goodness! You […]

  • Party Food
  • Cranberry Harvest Punch

    Cranberry Harvest Punch - This punch is a wonderful non-alcoholic drink to serve for Thanksgiving! It's tasty, quick to whip up and full of health promoting ingredients. #RealFood #HealthyRecipes #CleanEating #Drinks

        It’s cranberry season! Along with Green Bean Casserole, Banana Cream Pie and Gingered Fruit Salad. Yes, Thanksgiving is on it’s way! There is so much to enjoy about this season and cranberries are a favorite around here. This punch is a wonderful non-alcoholic drink to serve at the big feast. It’s tasty, quick […]