Nutty Sorbet – 30 Day Challenge Day 15

Nutty Sorbet ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters

Nutty Sorbet ~ Easy Peasy Life Matters
It’s day 15… Do you know what that means?? It means we are halfway through our 30 day Word of Wisdom health challenge!!! Holy cow time really flies. We have noticed some really cool improvements to our health! Here is a list of some:

Chocolate and sugar cravings are gone
Our servings are smaller. We just don’t want as much as we used to
We go much longer before we are hungry again. No eating between meals
Bloating is reduced. We have noticed that our pants are fitting not quite so snug
We have had a lot more energy. We are getting sooo much more done

Not bad for only 15 days right?! To celebrate we want to share a yummy treat with you. Nutty Sorbet. It is organic, raw, and free of harmful chemicals like artificial coloring and preservatives. Oh, and did we mention it’s super easy? Totally a winner!

Nutty Sorbet


  • 1 frozen banana cut in chunks
  • 1-2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 2 Tbs. raw cashews


Add ingredients alternately in a Champion Juicer using the blank. Stir together and enjoy!
Note: If you don’t have a Champion Juicer put all ingredients in a high power blender and mix until combined.

Now for our daily report.

Aussie Bites, Vanilla yogurt and bananas with strawberries for breakfast. Don’t you just love fruit in the spring?

Cabbage salad and homemade sweet potato chips for lunch. Yummy!

Dinner will be some cowboy caviar and some veggies Garlic Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower. Can’t wait for dinner time!

We are so excited to be seeing some good results in such a short amount of time. If you need a refresher as to what our Word of Wisdom 30 day health challenge is you can read our intro HERE. Thanks for checking in tonight! We won’t be posting on Sunday so we will chat again on Monday! 🙂

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