Smart Exercise for the Best You

Smart Exercise for the Best You - Exercise healthy without stressing your body! #Fitness #Goals #Health

Smart Exercise for the Best You - Exercise healthy without stressing your body! #Fitness #Goals #Health

Are you enjoying the New Year? We sincerely hope 2016 finds you and yours well. We are are very excited for a New Year with lot’s of new opportunities. Are you a goal setter? We are and have been planning all sorts of great things.

As we mentioned in Easy Peasy Juicing for the New Year, health goals are in most peoples plans right now. Often those goals are in the form of exercise. This is a fantastic goal! Most of us don’t move our bodies as much as we should. However, it is very important to go about it in a smart way instead of an unhealthy way. It might seem like a bit of a contradiction but you can in fact hurt yourself more than heal if you aren’t careful. With this in mind we wanted to share with you some of our favorite exercises and why we love them so much. Trust us, this is a post you won’t want to miss!

First though, we wanted to explain how some exercising can do more harm than good. Most of us are not aware that too much hard exercise can in fact cause weight gain or even damage your heart! Our bodies are only designed to take so much stress and if we push it too hard the exercise becomes the stress. This causes our bodies to retain and put on weight to protect us. This is especially the case if you have adrenal fatigue. Society sends us all kinds of messages about “No pain, no gain,” and suggests that if you don’t have the guts to spend hours in a gym you must not be worthy of being skinny. Realizing that taking it slower can be a good thing is VERY freeing! There are many forms of exercise that can have more benefits, are fun, inexpensive (or free), and can overall leave you feeling and looking great with the energy you have always wanted. With that being said, let’s move on to our favorite forms of exercise!


Yoga is known for a very long list of benefits and we have found it tends to show results very quickly. Not only does it help with back pain, confidence, relaxation, overall health and weight loss, it is also one of the least competitive forms of exercise. It can be done at any age or fitness level and there is no comparison. You get to just go at your own pace. We love having these dvds on hand because of the ease and accessibility. What’s easier than popping in a dvd and chilling for a minute? There are also YouTube Channels dedicated to yoga making it free to watch! You can’t beat free. Taking a class can be a great way to do yoga too! Here are some great articles about yoga and it’s benefits: 18 Reasons why you Should do Yoga, 8 Reasons Yoga is Better Than the Gym.


If you have never heard of T-Tapp you are in for a real treat! To us T-Tapp feels a lot like yoga just more intense. Teresa Tapp is a complete genius and has created a fantastic workout. T-Tapp helps put your body back in alignment making it perfect for those who struggle with back, knee and/or hip problems. It also gets your lymph flowing, builds a really strong core without creating bulk and creates better flexibility in addition to weight loss. Teresa even has a Try Before You Buy section if you would like to give it a go first! She has had a ton of success. There are a lot of programs, from rehab to senior to a good basic work out and they are all well worth looking into for the new year!


Looking back at the “No pain no gain” philosophy walking for exercise gets a lot of flack. Most people believe that running or jogging long hours is the healthier option. Marathon runners are considered to be the prime example of health while they are actually breaking their bodies down. The truth is that, while we aren’t against running some, it’s becoming more well known that walking is actually one of the best forms of exercise! One of the main reasons is because it is low impact. It doesn’t stress the body, if done outside you get to enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous sunshine (daily dose of vitamin D!) and it really helps quiet your mind and calm your system. Plus it’s another free form of exercise. Say “good bye” to expensive gym passes!


If you aren’t familiar with rebounders they are simply mini trampolines. They have a host of benefits and happen to be one of the easiest ways to exercise. The diversity in how you can use a rebounder is one reason we love them. You can turn up your music and really jam hard or you can simply take it slow and bounce very, very lightly. Both have benefits. Rebounding helps with weight loss, gets your lymph moving, can increase balance, aids digestion and works on a cellular level. Plus it’s tons of fun! One tip we would give though is to make sure you don’t buy a $20.00 cheap one since they break pretty quick. A good quality rebounder is totally worth investing in. We have had our Cellerciser for about 8 years it it still works great (and that’s with 4 people using it constantly)!

The Coconut Mama has a fantastic post on rebounding that you should definitely check out for more great info!

Just Dance

This one is kind of a bonus suggestion. It’s fun to do as an adult of course but it’s also a great way to get your kids exercising without them even knowing it! Everyone likes games, right? Well that is basically what these are. You get to dance to your favorite songs and get a real workout in before you know it. You decide if you want to do high intensity or low intensity. You can just do a few songs or really spend some time with it. Either way you have a great workout that is tons of fun! Check out 5 Benefits of Dancing by Divas Run for Bling.

For some extra inspiration you will for sure want to check out How I Lost 40 Pounds by Exercising LessHow to Exercise for your Body Type and Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation. They are all incredible!

Thanks for stopping by to read a little about our favorite exercises. We hope you learned some new things and are as pumped as we are for 2016! Have a fantastic day!

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  5. Rebounding is awesome! Love that. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Savoring Saturdays!

    1. Easy Peasy Life Matters Easy Peasy Life Matters says: Reply

      Rebounding really is tons of fun! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Easy, convenient exercise tools like these are so valuable! Thanks for sharing them. I love walking and rebounding but yoga mastery is one of my 2016 resolutions. I’m pinning and sharing!

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      We are so glad you liked it! Yoga is one of our resolutions too 🙂 Thank so much for stopping by and for sharing!

  7. tianna says: Reply

    great post! I love yoga, running, walking, and boot camp mostly. I need to try rebounding. everyone talks about it!

    1. Easy Peasy Life Matters Easy Peasy Life Matters says: Reply

      Rebounding is super fun for sure! Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂

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