9 Essential Oils to Never be Without

9 Essential Oils to Never be Without - From stopping bleeding, to aiding stomach issues to calming the nerves to cleaning the house. These essential oils are all amazing! #HealthyLiving #HealthyHacks, #Lavender #Lemon

9 Essential Oils to Never be Without - From stopping bleeding, to aiding stomach issues to calming the nerves to cleaning the house. These essential oils are all amazing! #HealthyLiving #HealthyHacks, #Lavender #Lemon



Essential oils have been used for literally thousands of years. They are becoming more and more well known and can have a host of benefits and uses. We have been using them for years ourselves and have a few (okay, several 😉 ) that we would NEVER want to be without. From stopping bleeding, to aiding stomach issues to calming the nerves to cleaning the house. These essential oils are all amazing!


Lavender is well loved for it’s calming scent. The oil can help heal burns and sunburns as well as help take away the burn sensation. Putting a drop or two on a cut can really accelerate healing. Applying it to tight shoulders or on the temples (avoiding the eyes of course) can ease or eliminate a migraine, a drop or two on a wet cotton ball gently rubbed on the face can stop acne and the smell can really help calm the nerves. All in all this is one of our favorite go-to oils.

Blue Yarrow

Several years ago someone left an open pocket knife on the floor… Annnd someone stepped on it. Not a pretty situation! Blue Yarrow is amazing at helping to stop bleeding, cleaning the wound and sealing the wound. Before medical attention could be acquired we needed to stop the bleeding. Blue Yarrow took care of that! We continued to apply it throughout each day and within a few days swimming lessons resumed. She had to be careful on it and wrap it up in a plastic sack (super attractive BTW 😉 ) but she could swim. Blue Yarrow is certainly something we would never want to be without.


Tranquility is a very relaxing oil. It can help ease anxiety, depression, headaches or even help calm the mind on a busy day. It can be defused to fill the room with it’s scent or a drop or two can be placed on the wrists and behind the ears.

P.S. for more help with anxiety make sure you check out our 5 Little Known Potential Causes of Anxiety.


Oh, how we love peppermint! Not only does it smell amazing but it also has many uses. If you have an upset stomach you can rub a few drops on your stomach. If you are experiencing digestion struggles (gas, bloating, etc,) you may also benefit from some peppermint on your stomach. When in a state of shock smelling some peppermint can help bring you to and rubbing some on sore muscles can help ease tension. If you are needing an energy boost or to clear your mind smell some delicious peppermint.


Deliverance is a great oil to have on hand as the flu season comes around! Whenever we start to feel a sore throat or cough coming on, we reach for the Deliverance. It’s always best to use essential oils with a carrier oil, especially those that are as strong as Deliverance. This will help you avoid burning your skin. The rich, hearty smell of Deliverance is comforting and it helps stop sickness much more quickly.

We also use it in our 2 Ingredient Chicken Coop Sanitizer. It’s a pretty incredible oil! It is also a fantastic kitchen and bathroom cleaner.


Did you know you can use essential oils for house cleaning? Lemon is perhaps the very best for this. It has long been used in hospitals in Europe and interestingly, these hospitals have had no outbreaks of Staff infection. We fill a spray bottle with water, add 20-30 drops of Lemon and use it to clean our bathrooms and counter tops. It smells delicious and is a great alternative to harsh and harmful chemicals.


Another wonderful cleaning oil! As the name suggests, it can help purify. You can apply it to mold, it can help repel annoying bugs, applying it to insect bites, such as mosquito, can help reduce pain and swelling. It can also be very effective on stings. This is another oil we like to have on hand for the winter months. When applied with a carrier oil on the throat and chest it can bring relief from flu symptoms and sinus struggles.


Sometimes called “a chiropractor in a bottle,” this oil is great for sore muscles. It can help balance and energize. Millenia can also have a very calming effect like Tranquility. Rubbing it on the feet, heart or wrists and behind the ears can help you relax and feel more content.

Orange Sweet

This is one of the best smelling oils! It can help lift your mood and aid proper immune function. It is a great one to defuse throughout the house. We like to put a few drops in the washer when we clean our laundry. It makes everything smell so nice and clean.

A Few Words of Caution:

Now that you know a little about these oils you can imagine why we love them so much! It is important though to make sure you use the oils properly. Avoid using them if pregnant or breastfeeding and be very, very careful about taking them internally. The oils are highly, highly concentrated and each brand is a little different. One brand may say it is safe to ingest while another is much more concentrated and therefore not safe to take internally. If you are unsure, contact your oil company to clarify.

We hope these oils help your family as much as they have ours! Make sure you check out some Carrier Oil, a diffuser and the super convenient carrying case to complete your essential oil experience.

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Do you ever use essential oils? What are your favorites?

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    I’m such a fan of essential oils – lemon being my favorite. I use it for my household cleaning all the time – plus the house smells fantastic afterwards. I need to check out PURIFY. Love all the benefits you mentioned. Pinning, stumbling and sharing on FB! Great read!

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      We are the same way! Our mantra is when in doubt (about what to use), use lavender!

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