Our Story: Facts NOT Fads

Everything we do is based around our family. Throughout the years we have all struggled with health from time to time and although it’s been a process we have been blessed to find answers. We have tried just about every fad diet that has ever existed and none of them made us feel good. Actually, most of them made us feel worse. We were vegetarian for years, tried low fat, gluten free, we heard that you could rebuild your hormones through eating what we now know to be excessive amounts of meat and dairy so we tried that as well, all of them left us feeling unsatisfied and with a lack energy.

We realized that the one thing all of these fads had in common was that they are centered around taking things away, not adding good things in. We now know that balance is what matters. There should be no extremes. We now eat a diet focused on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds while still eating the right kinds of meat and dairy.

Having struggled with health problems over the years we know the heartache that can come with it. We feel so blessed to have been able to find answers to our struggles. Our greatest desire is to help others through our experiences. There is no freedom quite like a healthy and able body

Thanks so much for dropping by and have a blessed and healthy day!