• Clean Eating Lime Ricky

    July 23, 2019John Fitt

    Clean Eating Lime Ricky – A healthy, non-alcoholic drink without artificial ingredients! Just perfect for a healthy summer! We have another delicious summer beverage for you today! As we mentioned in our Lemon Cardamom Punch, summer is a time for lots of parties and soda tends to be a constant guest. Rather than fill up on unhealthy drinks why not enjoy a healthy Lime Ricky? It’s full of flavor, it’s refreshing and very nutritious! While soda and other drinks have ingredients that tear down health, this drink is actually health promoting! Grape Juice alone can have benefits such as lowering…

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  • Clean Eating Lemon Cardamom Punch

    January 20, 2019John Fitt

    Clean Eating Lemon Cardamom Punch – A healthy and refreshing summer drink. So much better than soda for picnics, barbecues and summer parties! School is out where we live and everyone is getting out and enjoying the long awaited break. With picnics, barbecues, summer parties and the 4th of July right around the corner we have refreshing drinks on our minds. It’s very common to see large coolers full to the top with soda pop and artificially made punch at parties. Not only are these full of highly refined sugars but they also contain artificial food coloring among other harmful…

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  • Easy Peasy Love Potion

    March 19, 2017John Fitt

    Easy Peasy Love Potion – Show your loved ones you care by helping them feel great! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! What more do we want for those we love than for them to feel and look their very best? What better gift to give them than to feel and look our very best? While there is nothing wrong with a “world famous” Chocolate Chip Cookie or some Easy Peasy Salted Caramels from time to time true health is the BEST kind of wealth. Any gift that helps with that is truly a treasure! This is what inspired our Easy…

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  • Cranberry Harvest Punch

    January 19, 2017John Fitt

    ICranberry Harvest Punch – This punch is a wonderful non-alcoholic drink to serve for Thanksgiving! It’s tasty, quick to whip up and full of health promoting ingredients. It’s cranberry season! Along with Green Bean Casserole, Banana Cream Pie and Gingered Fruit Salad. Yes, Thanksgiving is on it’s way! There is so much to enjoy about this season and cranberries are a favorite around here. This punch is a wonderful non-alcoholic drink to serve at the big feast. It’s tasty, quick to whip up and full of health promoting ingredients. Cranberry juice can strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, prevent kidney…

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