• Easy Peasy Egg Casserole

    January 19, 2020John Fitt

    A healthy and delicious meal that is simply perfect for Mother’s Day or a fun brunch! Casseroles are a real lifesaver when going to brunch! They are easy as can be and taste wonderful. Add a Green Smoothie or some Prune Muffins and you are ready to feast. It’s so fast and easy to whip up that we often have it for dinner too! With Mother’s Day right around the corner we wanted to share this wonderful dish with you! Mom definitely deserves a healthy breakfast to go with her Healthy Gifts! This casserole is one of our favorites. It’s…

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  • Butter Bread

    April 21, 2019John Fitt

    Butter Bread – The most delicious bread! Perfect to put with salads, soups and chilies You know those recipes that you try once and keep going back to for years and years? This is one of those for us! We found this recipe in a favorite cookbook almost 20 years ago and fell in love! What’s better than butter?! We’ve adapted it to be whole wheat and no sugar so there is no guilt involved either. The texture is similar to cornbread and the butter leaves a beautiful brown crust that is crunchy and full of butter flavor. It’s insanely…

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  • Easy Soft and Gooey Granola Bars

    April 15, 2019John Fitt

    Easy Soft and Gooey Granola Bars – A healthy treat for Easter baskets! St. Patrick’s Day is over and Easter is on it’s way! Looking for a healthy treat to put in your kiddos Easter baskets? You are going to adore these Easy Soft and Gooey Granola Bars! You may recognize this recipe from our free E-Book Clean Eating for Beginners. We loved this recipe and thought it would be just perfect for Easter. We wanted to share with those who may not have it and as an easily accessible version for those who do. We have a whole new…

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  • Secret Ingredient Hot Cacao – Plus Special Christmas Movie List!

    February 25, 2019John Fitt

    One of the most enjoyable activities at Christmas is to simply snuggle up to watch a holiday movie with a steaming cup of Hot Cocoa! It’s certainly a tradition we look forward to every year. Instead of using the expensive store bought stuff (that is also filled with artificial ingredients) we make up our own. It’s easy, scrumptious and has a special ingredient that is going to surprise you! Cardamom. Surprised? It’s usually found in Indian food recipes and aside from being a natural sweetener it’s packed with good benefits! It has been found to be very beneficial in aiding…

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  • Healthy Homemade Cold Cereal

    February 20, 2019John Fitt

    We all have those crazy mornings when we need to be somewhere right away and just don’t have time for a long breakfast. Some German Pancakes or Pumpkin Cinnamon Pancakes would be nice but there’s no time. We have certainly been in this situation! Cold cereal comes in very, very handy at times like this. However, because of the dangers of most store bought cereal, we have learned how to make our own! It’s tasty, full of nutrition and a cinch to make. This recipe is full of fiber which helps keep blood sugar levels stable, can increase energy and…

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  • Fast and Filling Back to School Smoothie

    February 16, 2019John Fitt

    Some mornings are just hectic. Especially with school starting again (for both kids and adults). We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but what do you do when you are late? This is where a Fast and Filling Back to School Smoothie comes in! Smoothies are well loved in the health world. You can have a lot of nutrition in just a few minutes. When done right they are pretty tasty too! Part of what makes this smoothie so filling is the Raw Meal. It’s a protein powder that tastes great and has organic,…

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