Healthy is a Lifestyle Not a Diet

February 10, 2019Johnfitt

For a long time we ate as healthy as we could be but still didn’t feel good. We did all the right things, our food was pure, we made everything from scratch, we spent hours in the kitchen but to little avail. We did feel better than before we started eating pure but we still couldn’t quite conquer our health struggles. This is when we started to realize that a healthy lifestyle is more than just the food you eat.

We are all about eating healthy. Real food and healthy recipes make up more than half of our blog! However, healthy eating is only one of several parts. With that in mind, here are three aspects of a healthy life that we feel are essential!


Stress is something we live with on a daily basis. Some of us experience so much of it that we are almost numb to how it is effecting us. The ugly truth is that if we are chronically stressed it is almost impossible to be healthy even if we are eating pure. Stress can cause health problems such as weight gain, depression, anxiety, heart problems, ulcers and chronic headaches.

While it is true that not all stress can be removed, we can cut back as much as possible. Hanging out with happier people, focusing on gratitude instead of problems, considering switching jobs, etc, are all ways to cut back on stress. Taking time to relax throughout each day is a great way to deal with the stress that we can’t remove ourselves from. Staying relaxed is an important part of staying healthy so make sure you take time for you. You deserve it! 😉


This one may come as a surprise to some but another important aspect of a healthy life is our attitude. You can eat all the healthy food on the planet but if your attitude is bad you will not experience good health. We know a man who has eaten the purest food and taken the very best herbs and supplements for years now but is still unhealthy. However, his outlook on life is so terrible and he is so hard on himself and everyone else that there is no way he can feel good.

Keeping an attitude of gratitude and thinking positive lifts our spirits, reduces stress, increases our confidence, helps surround us with friends and frankly leaves us feeling amazing! Setting healthy goals, having a healthy motto, spending time with happy people, taking time to relax, reading good books and scripture are all fantastic ways to keep an upbeat and progressive attitude.

Smart Exercise

Proper exercise is essential to good health as well. It is important to be smart in our approach, pushing it too hard is damaging to health, but movement should be a daily part of our lives. Exercise brings oxygen to the brain, helps with digestion, aids weight loss, builds strong muscles and bones and gives you those good endorphins to keep your mood up and leave you feeling great!

Although a pure, real food diet is essential to good health, we hope taking a closer look at relaxation, attitude and exercise has helped you see how being healthy really is a lifestyle rather than just a diet.

So take time for yourself! Enjoy life to the fullest and feel good knowing that there is more to life than just what you eat. Always remember that you are amazing and deserve the best 🙂

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What tricks do you use to have a healthy lifestyle?

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