Party Fruit Bar

February 8, 2018Johnfitt

Parties are known for junk food and binge eating. The fact is though that junk food is not necessary to have a good time! We have found that when there are healthy snacks we actually have a much more enjoyable time at parties. Healthy snacks are tasty, colorful, light and don’t have the gross after effect of having eaten too much crap.

Fruits are some of the best party food because they are sweet for a fun treat. We like to serve them as a bar because everyone gets to pick their favorite! Fruit can stand on it’s own feet so the whipped cream is optional of course. We make ours with Stevia so it’s healthier and tastes delicious.

All you do is pick you favorite fruits and berries, cut fruit into bite size pieces, place in separate bowls and serve! If you like you can serve crushed nuts or seeds as a garnish as well. Everyone simply takes whatever they like best and tops with whipped cream if desired.

Do you have some healthy food you like to take to parties?




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  • Joanne


    I love having a good fruit bar at parties…it doesn’t happen often enough!

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