Easy Peasy Spinach Bacon and Artichoke Dip

December 23, 2019Johnfitt

Easy Peasy Spinach Bacon and Artichoke Dip – A healthy and easy snack for Christmas! #CleanEating #RealFood

We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend! Our turkey was delicious, we had several gorgeous pies, lots of yummy side dishes, our tree is up and it’s now Christmas time!
When we think of food for Christmas a Spinach and Artichoke Dip comes right to our minds. When friends drop by or you need a healthy snack for your favorite Christmas movies you simply can’t beat a good dip! This one has been jokingly nick named “the dip to die for” because it is so good! To save time you can even serve it without baking it. How’s that for a time saver?! It’s actually really fun to try it both ways because the flavor is a little different each way.

This year we are adding bacon to the mix. Amazing!! No wonder it’s “the dip to die for”. 😉 Whenever you use bacon it’s very important to use the right kind. Nitrates and nitrites are terrible chemicals that should always be avoided. We have been using Applegate bacon for years and couldn’t be more pleased.
We don’t eat this much dairy at every meal, however, it really is a special time of year. A little dairy adds some protein. Add that to spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, onions and garlic and you have a healthy little snack! Much better than sugar laden treats (although they have a special place at Christmas time too). One trick to keep it even healthier is to use sour cream that contains good bacteria for extra digestion benefits.

Tools for This Recipe:

Spinach Bacon and Artichoke Dip

4-6 slices of bacon
10-15 mushrooms
4 cups fresh spinach
2 cloves garlic
1 can artichokes
½ small onion
16 oz. cream cheese
1 cup sour cream
¼ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
1 cup grated cheese

Cut bacon slices into tiny pieces and sauté. In a food processor combine mushrooms, spinach, garlic and onion. Process until chopped fine. Add to almost cooked bacon and sauté for 3-4 minutes or until some of the moisture from the spinach has evaporated. Otherwise it will be a little watery when cooked. We like to do this in a deep saucepan to keep the bacon grease from splattering onto the stove (no one likes to clean bacon grease right?!). Add cream cheese, sour cream, salt and pepper. Mix well and pour into a cast iron pan or a casserole dish. Top with cheese and bake at 375º until cheese browns slightly on top. Allow to cool slightly before eating. It will set as it cools.

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