Last Minute Grilled Fruit Kabobs

January 3, 2020Johnfitt

Last Minute Grilled Fruit Kabobs – A quick, easy and healthy dish to bring to any picnic or summer party!

It’s almost picnic time! The weather is getting so beautiful and warm. When we are having barbecues and potlucks we like to bring as many healthy dishes as we can. When those dishes are as quick, easy and delicious as this one is it’s even better!

One thing that can be hard about parties sometimes is when you run out of time and have nothing to bring. These Kabobs are the answer here too! They whip up in no time. This recipe only makes about 6-8 kabobs so if you are feeding a crowd you may need to double it.

As you may have noticed from our Golden Balsamic Bruschetta and Cabbage Quinoa Winter Salad we LOVE Golden Balsamic Vinegar. It really adds to this dish! Put that with the lime juice, cilantro and honey and you have a really wonderful treat!

Last Minute Grilled Fruit Kabobs


2 Tbs. lime juice
1-2 Tbs. honey
¼ cup Golden Balsamic Vinegar
2 Tbs. finely chopped cilantro
pineapple chunks
watermelon chunks
peaches, quartered


Whisk lime juice, honey, Golden Balsamic Vinegar and cilantro together in a bowl. Place fruit on kabob skewers and brush the glaze mixture all over the fruit. Place on a grill and cook until there are golden grill marks. You can brush more glaze on if you desire.

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