Herby Spring Hummus Spread

June 5, 2019Johnfitt

Herby Spring Hummus Spread – A delicious and healthy sandwich spread that is simply perfect for spring and summer!

Don’t you just love when you can make something up and then use it over again in different recipes? Over the weekend we so enjoyed our Herbalishous Spring Hummus that we just had to try some as a sandwich spread. Oh. My. Goodness!! You have never tasted anything so divine!

The best part is that sandwiches are always a fast meal! Just look through the fridge and pull out whatever goodies you have on hand. We had some organic turkey slices, cheese, red onion, lettuce and spinach on hand. Spread the Herbalishous Spring Hummus on in place of mayonnaise or mustard and you have a healthy lunch that will delight you taste buds for sure!

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