Bone Broth in the Pressure Cooker

July 26, 2016Johnfitt

Bone Broth in the Pressure Cooker – The quickest and easiest way to make bone broth!

Bone broth makes the most amazing base for soups, stuffings, gravies… and really everything else! We use it in place of chicken stock and you cannot believe the difference in flavor. There are also fantastic health benefits to bone broth. An old proverb says “Bone broth cures everything but death.” Any time you have any aches, pains, a sore throat or any other illness it sooths, heals and comforts.

Traditionally bone broth is made by simmering any meat, bones, skin, etc. on your stove top for up to 24 hours. To be honest we have always really struggled with this! That is a really long time to worry about a pot on the stove and letting it boil all night scares us. Thankfully there is no reason to worry any longer because we have a pressure cooker! Pressure cookers are a huge lifesaver when you are preparing healthy meals (this is why they are on our list of Top 10 Tools to Make Clean Eating Easy Peasy). They take less time to cook and they hold all the nutrients in. Cooking on the stove top gives room for the steam to escape and therefore loses some health benefits.

Any time we have leftover meat, bones, etc. we make some broth. This way absolutely nothing goes to waste. It’s made the exact same way as the recipe below, you simply use the turkey scraps (bones, skin, etc.) instead of a whole chicken. Next time you have a gorgeous chicken or turkey dinner you will be all prepared to make some tasty and healthy broth!

Just a quick reminder to make sure you use an organic chicken that has been pasture raised. It’s also very important to use clean water instead of tap water. You wouldn’t want to have your lovely broth filled with bad toxins.

whole chicken (including neck and giblets)

4-6 carrots
3-4 stalks celery
1 medium union
4-6 cloves garlic
2 Tbs. apple cider vinegar
water to cover

Cut veggies into big chunks (you can leave the garlic whole). Place veggies, chicken and apple cider vinegar into your pressure cooker. Cover with water making sure you stay a couple of inches below the full mark. Cook on high pressure for at least 1-2 hours. The longer it cooks the more healing properties you pull out. When it’s done you can eat the good parts of the chicken (or we often freeze it for a quick meal down the road) and discard the bones, skin etc. and veggies.

Have you ever made bone broth?

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