The Science Behind Phytic Acid

March 19, 2019Johnfitt

The Science Behind Phytic Acid – You may have been lied to! If you’ve ever felt as left in the dark with regards to the “dangers” of phytic acid as we once were, then this post is just for you.

One of the most important lessons we learned through Dr. William Sears health coaching course is “Show me the science.” We are firm believers in natural health. We believe that our bodies will heal themselves if we give them the proper nutrients, etc. that they need rather than a lot of pills. However, sometimes in the natural health world (and in the medical world as well) there can be some hearsay and theorizing without any proof. After our experience with a gluten free diet we know how damaging that can be. We had never been so unhealthy. Now we’ve done a lot of research only to discover the science of why it had such a negative effect on us. With this in mind we want to help others escape the pain we went through.

With phytic acid being one of the main culprits that is claimed to be so unhealthy, we decided to share some research showing that it can in fact be very beneficial for those who aren’t diagnosed with celiac disease etc. If you have ever felt as left in the dark with regards to the “dangers” of phytic acid as we once were, then this post is just for you!

We’ve compiled several articles explaining phytic acid and it’s many potential benefits. They explain what it is, how it works and how it can have effects such as preventing cancer, aiding cardiovascular health, preventing type 2 diabetes, reducing inflammation, preventing kidney stones and more. Enjoy!

“Phytic acid is a phytochemical with significant anti-cancer and other health benefits such as reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar and insulin, and protection against diabetes, Parkinson’s, and even reduces kidney stone formation.”

– Dr. Joel Fuhrman

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The Smoke and Mirrors behind Wheat Belly and Grain Brain – Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center

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“All large successful trim healthy populations of people throughout human history have obtained the bulk of their calories from grains and other starchy vegetables.”

– Dr. McDougall

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