• 10 Essential Kitchen Tools

    April 24, 2020John Fitt

    Using the freshest ingredients available is perhaps the most important step in preparing healthy, delicious meals, but what about how it is cooked, or what it is cooked in? Many home cooks tend to overlook the importance of basic kitchen tools when preparing meals. Having a kitchen that is stocked with the right tools and gadgets can make all of the difference when it comes time to prepare meals. The right tools save time and make meal preparation less stressful. Choosing The Right Pots and Pans Although some brands can cost several hundred dollars or more, a set of good quality…

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  • Cauliflower “Hot Wings”

    January 22, 2020John Fitt

    Cauliflower. It’s everyone’s darling these days! It’s easy to see why too. It’s a beautiful vegetable, it has wonderful sweetness and texture AND it’s very healthy. We’ve been experimenting with vegetable recipes lately. We’re shaking things up a bit and…

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  • Sourdough Carrot Cake Bunnies

    January 21, 2020John Fitt

    Sourdough Carrot Cake Bunnies – A healthy Easter treat that is fun to make and fun to eat! Easter is almost upon us! Time for last minute planning on those healthy treats and baskets. We’ve already shared our Easy Soft…

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  • Easy Peasy Egg Casserole

    January 19, 2020John Fitt

    A healthy and delicious meal that is simply perfect for Mother’s Day or a fun brunch! Casseroles are a real lifesaver when going to brunch! They are easy as can be and taste wonderful. Add a Green Smoothie or some…

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  • Winter Panini

    January 17, 2020John Fitt

    Winter Panini – Not only is it delicious but it also makes eating healthy in the winter easy peasy! We are having a lot of fun coming up with winter friendly recipes! It can be very difficult finding fresh veggies…

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  • Healthy Christmas Snickerdoodles

    January 15, 2020John Fitt

    Healthy Christmas Snickerdoodles – How does a Snickerdoodle without any refined sugar sound? As long as you keep the ingredients pure and organic you can have a very healthy and guilt free Christmas! How does a Christmas Snickerdoodle without any…

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