• Last Minute Peanut Clusters

    January 13, 2020John Fitt

    Last Minute Peanut Clusters – This delightful treat is perfect for last minutes parties, guests, and cravings. They are crunchy, salty, full of chocolate flavor and are a cinch to make! Only a little over a week until Christmas! This…

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  • Last Minute Christmas Bark

    January 10, 2020John Fitt

    Last Minute Christmas Bark – Only 3 ingredients but a sure party pleaser! It’s Christmas time, you’ve been gift shopping all day, the family is hungry and you have a party to bring a treat to in about an hour.…

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  • Stuffed Mushrooms

    January 8, 2020John Fitt

    Stuffed Mushrooms. With either quinoa or rice! Super yummy and super tasty We love so much of what Dr. Fuhrman advises about how to eat! We took much of it into consideration when we did our Word of Wisdom 30…

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  • Winter Pomegranate Salad

    January 7, 2020John Fitt

    Winter Pomegranate Salad – A rich winter salad with flavor that will blow you away! What is more festive than gorgeous pomegranates? We can only get them in the winter here so they are a real treat. With their lovely…

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  • Whole Grain Spanakopita Balls

    January 6, 2020John Fitt

    Whole Grain Spanakopita Balls. Fast and easy not to mention they taste great! Easy Peasy Life Matters We whipped these fun balls up tonight for the first time and boy are they good! It’s a fantastic way to fit whole…

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  • Healthy Chocolate Bites

    January 5, 2020John Fitt

    Healthy Chocolate Bites. A great guilt free treat! These bites are so fun! They have a slightly chewy texture and are very satisfying so you don’t worry about eating too many. They don’t call for sugar and are full of…

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